Pulling together!

I am writing this from Ulster Hospital, Dundonald where our son Matthew has had a flare up with his asthma. During our time in the Accident and Emergency Department side we had the advantage point of watching the effort involved in processing a patient. At the heart of this process was the partnership between doctors, nurses and the support staff. Watching the team go about their work within the department there was a willingness for each individual to pull together in the same direction for the benefit of those who were in need. Watching this brought to mind a phrase in Philippians 1:5 where the Apostle Paul commended the church in Philippi ‘your partnership in the gospel’. Here was a church that was willing to pull in the same direction to meet Paul’s need so that the glorious news of the gospel would be proclaimed. Today that partnership is still integral to the furtherance of the good news. of the Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot all go to foreign countries as missionaries but you have an integral part to play in praying and supporting those who God has placed on your heart. It is so reassuring to know that you take time out of your schedule to partner with us as we prepare to enter this next sphere of God’s work, may God bless you for that.
Mark and Lorraine Armstrong

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