A Second Birth

As the news of the resignation of Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe started to filtrate around the world one Zimbabwean political commentator described the enfolding events in the phrase ‘Zimbabwe has been given a second birth.’
The hope and aspirations of the ‘first birth’ of Zimbabwe in 1980 when the country was given its independence was that there would be equality, peace and sustainability. However, over the years that initial hope disintegrated into hardship and disappointment.
The frustration that Zimbabwe has experienced from hope at birth to disappointment in recent years has connotations with Job’s analogy of life in chapter 14 when he observed Man who is born of a woman is few of days and full of trouble.
The hope that surrounds around the birth of a child is so often dispelled in adulthood where hardship brings disappointment. However humanity has been given an eternal hope through the birth of God’s son. His birth has opened the way where we can experience a second birth where we have purpose, meaning and the hope of eternal life. Because Unto us a Child is Born… we have in this life we have an everlasting confidence that even excels the optimism of Zimbabwe’s second birth.
We would like to wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas and 2018.
Pastor Book-set Ministry Update
Our vision to resource pastors in Zimbabwe with materials that will develop their walk with God which will benefit their congregations has made some progress. Along with the SIM National Director Caiphas Ngarvihume and Geoff Donaldson SIM Zimbabwe- leadership development we have made the decision to proceed in developing a project to issue electronic tablets to pastors. This is economically more viable and has been successfully rolled out in other African countries. Please pray as we start to engage with potential partners in this exciting project.
 Personal support (presently at 35%)
 Mark’s Studies
 Engagement with partners
 The present political situation in Zimbabwe

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