Tired but Content

Mark has just returned home from Zimbabwe where he had the opportunity to meet with Zimbabwean pastors along with some of the SIM Zimbabwe team.
The Southern African sun was a delightful change from the snow and freezing weather of Northern Ireland as I alighted from the plane at Harare airport on 13 February 2018. I was met as usual by Walter and Ella Madimutsa who again opened their very comfortable ‘missionary apartment’ for me to use. The purpose for the trip was 2-fold, firstly to meet with local pastors to help identify their needs in ministry as well as to meet with the SIM Theological Education and Discipleship team to discuss how best to proceed the Pastor Book Set project.
I spent the first week meeting with pastors from different denominations and learn about their needs, as well as their aspirations in their ministries as they seek to serve the Lord. The pastors identified 3 principal areas of need, sermon preparation, access to theological commentaries and dictionaries as well as help in the church leadership. Please pray for these pastors as they serve Christ despite of very limited resources.
The visit allowed for the SIM National Director, Caiphas Ngarvihume, Geoff Donaldson, Walter Madimutsa and myself to meet and think through the dynamics of the Pastor Book Set project. We thank God that the foundation for the project was set out and we all left the meeting satisfied that the Lord had been gracious in uniting our minds on how the project will proceed. Please pray for the project as we move towards piloting in 2 locations later this year.

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